In sales, and in nearly every business in the world, the most important part of your job is communication. Whether you are trying to sell something, to purchase something, or to build a business relationship, appropriate and effective communication is vital to your cause. This program was created to provide professionals a workshop in a one-on-one, positive environment which allows the development of effective communication skills for use in business and in their personal life. Experience is not needed, no prior training is required. Business leaders, executives, sales and administrative managers will benefit from learning the skills of presenting and learning to banish the fears of speaking in front of others. Our Instructors and Facilitators Each class will be guided by two professionals. The strategies and tactics of the visual presentation are given by professional actors. Each of our actors have 20 years of experience and you have seen them in TV, movies and commercials. In order words, they have to audition each time they land a job and present themselves with the “stage presence” you will gain in your class.

G Marshall and Zig Ziglar

G Marshall and Zig Ziglar
“Creating Clients Desired Outcomes”

The other professional will be  a seasoned business professional. Typically they are consultants who have owned businesses and worked for the Fortune 500. This is where the “Why” of your presentation will be made into a story that creates the desired outcome for you! Many companies have used our platform for preparing for major presentations and developing a unique story to tell in a variety of venues. The team building that occurs develop an environment that produces fun and skills development at the highest level. For larger corporations, we offer this course “in house”, designing a program that keeps the corporate objectives in focus. What you will Learn Create and Deliver Great Presentations:

  • Learn the PFBL Formula© for organizing a concise message.
  • Understand how to use evidence to persuade your audience.
  • Learn techniques to control nerves.
  • Gesture and move with confidence.
  • Connect with your listener through eye contact and facial expressions.
  • Engage your audience using voice variety.
  • Handle Q&A in a way that inspires confidence.

Inspire Confidence in Meetings and Conference Calls:

  • Be organized when called upon to speak up impromptu.
  • Learn to drive an agenda and persuade despite interruptions.
  • On-camera role-plays of common meeting scenarios.


  • Development and delivery of real business presentations.
  • Role-play meetings where you’re put on the spot and must speak impromptu.
  • Nine video-recorded exercises.
  • One coach for every five participants assures lots of personalized attention.

Our workshops and seminars are corporate training events only. Please call 704.609.3426 or email for more information. THE PRESENTING FOR THE BOTTOM LINE WORKSHOP is a life-changing event in so many ways. JOIN ME. Please call or email us for our current schedule. Thank you.